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Technical Fowl’s Stranger Things Season 3 Manifesto [HEAVY SPOILERS]

Spoiler season is over, and we had some thoughts on Stranger Things Season 3.

HBO and Sesame Street Cross Over for #RESPECT Campaign

HBO and Sesame Workshop campaign for respect with Game of Thrones and Westworld crossovers

10 Not-So-Christmas Christmas Movies for your Christmas

So what we’ve being seeing in this last week’s lead-up to Christmas is a lot of arguments back and forth on Facebook about whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie. We’ve seen it several times over the years…

TF Style: The Darth Vader Blazer

The TF Style feature is new for us here at Technical Fowl, but we’re happy to kick it off like we would have a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. In my first quest to find something…

Science, COSMOS, and that time I met Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Science is a funny thing.  There’s been this traditional stereotype about scientists rolling through life with pocket protectors and slide rules, cloaked in a lab coat and hunched over their microscopes.  But over the last few years the subject has…

May 4th – The Great Star Wars Derby 2013
This past weekend included the fourth of May, which is generally considered to be Star Wars day to the geek kingdom. To those not hip to 'Wars, you may be wondering why there's a connection between an arbitrary date and…
The Son Also Rises [tf charts]

This week’s TF Charts is courtesy of Batman and the much anticipated Dark Knight Rises. To everyone seeing Dark Kight Rises tonight, have a good time, and I hope you enjoy it.  Eat a lot of popcorn. Also, if you spoil it…

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