... well this feels different

The New Stage of History with Soul Calibur VI at PAX West

History hides more than one truth.

PAX East 2018: Soul Calibur VI Impressions

The Soul Calibur franchise and I have an interesting relationship. The first entry dominated the evenings of my roommates and I in college, where we ran “first to 99” head to head rounds using Edge Master on our Dreamcast. It was…

Done with Fighting Games

[Originally published on Sub Cultured as The Aging Gamer: Done with Fighting Games?] You can count on my having been an all purpose nerd for pretty much my entire life – to the tune of getting the call at age 10…

Why I was Done with Soul Calibur V in a Month

[Article first published as Why I Was Done with Soul Calibur V in a Month on Blogcritics.] I was seriously looking forward to Soul Calibur V before its release last month.  I’ve been a huge fan of the Soul series since their first entry (not counting Soul Edge), and…

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